The Feng Shui Bagua Mapping Energy Flow

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You can see this symbol very often. They are in cemeteries, homes (particularly the entranceways) offices etc.

The bagua is octagonal in shape to represent the eight points of the compass. This is so because the eight compass points represent the different energy levels that one is supposed to attract. In Feng shui, the bagua corrects the orientation of an edifice or a village and is supposed to enhance the quality of life of people living in it.

The bagua is placed in such a way that it creates a mapping of the house where corners are determined whereby the occupants harmonizes with these zones for particular activities.

To appreciate the bagua better, imagine it as having eight points with nine quadrants.

  • The topmost portion is divided into three zones namely (from left to right), the zone of wealth, reputation and partnership.
  • The middle quadrants are family, taichi and creativity.
  • The bottom quadrants represent zones for wisdom, career and helpful people.

The movements, intentions, activities and even the decorations in the house should as much as possible be in harmony with these zones so as to derive the benefits of the energy that it emits.

The following are the following zones with its corresponding numerical value and its energy association.

The topmost quadrants:

Wealth 4: The area associated with wealth does not only mean material possessions but all those that are of value to you.

Reputation 9: this is how those that you come to associate with perceive you.

Partnership 2: this zone includes marriages, relationships, business dealings and friendships.

Family 3: more than just a representation for family, this zone also represents ancestors, relations, work mates and friends.

Taichi 5: The center of the bagua. It is very important to keep this one very clear.

Creativity 7: This is the area for artistry, children, fun and the opening up of new projects.

Wisdom 8: The zone has to do with intellectual growth and learning.

Career 1: The area of passage. This is also for careers, job and opportunities and journeys.

Helpful people 6: This zone is for people and relatives that are not around often including people who are not close associates.

The bagua outline influences the inside of buildings. For this reason, the zones with values 8, 1 and 6 lies on the jamb that holds the door. The door also has its own numerical value as with the people living inside those doors.

Mapping out the area according to the bagua will require additional knowledge of the numerical values of the person or persons behind the door to get the most benefit form the energy that are flowing through it. Because of this baguas are better placed when the person doing them has a rudimentary knowledge of Feng shui, better yet, when a consultant is employed.

The bagua is also used to determine which area within the room house or building is beneficial. It is also a tool to map out those that are not and identify the differences. Examples of these zones within an area are:

  • The millionaires corner where you keep your earnings and investments, and often a good place to plan out the business.
  • The bankruptcy corners where you avoid keeping money matters.
  • The Matrimonial discord corner.
  • Marriage corner
  • Divorce corner
  • Bargain corner
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