Improve the Chi – Clean Your Clutter with Feng Shui

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Above anything else, Feng shui strives for healthful and comfortable living.

The chi being a life giving force should get the entire path it needs to circulate inside the home freely. Clutter will in a very big way reduce its potency.

To achieve this, the house must be a very pleasant, cleaned space:

Windows, sills, screens, and curtains are often not placed in the highest priority of the cleaning list when compared to the sweeping of dirt and vacuuming rugs and carpets and picking up the nits and grits that clutters the eye more readily. And yet these are the entry points where the chi passes. In English, these are ventilation passages and are only logical to clean these passages very well to insure entry of clean air and allow the stale ones to escape.

Do not allow your house to be overwhelmed by accessories and other stuffs. These are not only dust gatherers, they also makes cleaning more cumbersome. Its as if you wouldn’t know where to start thereby putting up the cleaning for later. Even if cleaning maids are available, over stuffing the house disrupts a sense of balance. It could also endanger harmony and interrelationships of the objects and the symbol it represents.

It is also for this reason that you should not keep furniture and have them getting in the way for the reason that they are expensive and are a waste to keep them in the storage. Better yet, ask yourself about the purpose of the room and be guided by that purpose according to the objects that you want placed and displayed there. Not so much perhaps from the point of view alone of aesthetics but on purpose, what it represents and the pleasant feelings and mood that particular object evokes.

When you accessorize, keep pointed objects to a minimum. Objects with pointed edge clutters the eye more than those with rounded ones. What’s more, you could be having poison arrows pointed to your direction, which in Feng shui would spell danger.

Having clean lines on the flooring also helps to have a pleasant feel unlike those with irregular lines that adds to a cluttered image.

Open doors and windows every now and then, this will let the stale air out and the fresh ones in but clean the dust as soon as you can. Never let air openings be closed for long periods at of time, as this will prevent the chi from entering the house.

Keep toilet doors closed even when they are very clean.

Keeping objects displayed in the house that makes you feel aggravated should be discarded. In fact, get rid of things that you do not use. Keeping them in the house adds so much to clutter. It is in this area where many people will have difficulty in doing. Usually people keep things believing that they will use it at a later date. In reality though, those things that were kept for “later use” but has never been used for at least six months will never see the light of day again. Get rid of them and feel the sense of freedom of clearing clutter the Feng shui way.

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