Feng Shui Improvements for the Bedroom

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It is universally preferred that bedrooms must be rectangular in shape. A square shaped bedroom follows this preference then come the bedroom that is irregular in shape. This is so because the rectangular bedroom is the easiest way to decorate. Most items and furniture that goes inside the bedroom are rectangular and the decoration and items are better suited for that which takes on the shape of the room. The more irregular the shapes of the room, the more discomfort the occupant of the room feels, sometimes for reasons that are really not easy to dip a finger into.

For Feng shui experts, these could be explained in several ways and takes into consideration a lot of variables. But first things first. The most important room in the house is the master’s bedroom. This is the room where the Don Juan Tenoso of the house is bedded, the chairman of the board finds solace and the supreme pontiff rests. What happens in the main bedroom will affect to a very large extent the harmony all over the house, its well being and its finances. And so for Feng shui experts, this is a room that is taken very seriously.

To make this bedroom fit for the one who exerts the greatest influence in the household, careful considerations are placed. Examples are:

The direction of the bedroom in relation to the general house design, its sector from the point of the compass, and its shape. The position of the bed, the colors that are and should be employed including the decorations that are most appropriate. For Feng shui experts, this goes without saying that even the smallest of detail must have relevancy similar to how a modern interior decorator does in making judgments and decisions.

The shape.

While it is often best to have a rectangular bedroom, there will always be the personal preference of the occupant. If the room happens to be irregular in shape, screen dividers that signify good fortune are often employed. The fun thing though is that, often these screen dividers will be placed in such a way that the configuration of the room will be altered to a semblance rectangularity. While mirrors are often placed in posts to direct flow of the chi, these are not employed in the bedrooms as Feng shui cures.

Positioning the bed.

In Feng shui every individual has a Kua number. This determines the best position for the bed and is decided by Feng shui experts. If the best position cannot be achieved because of the location and direction of the room, the next best direction is chosen. As mentioned the kua number is a more personal thing and so the Feng shui expert is in a position to make the determination as this also involves placements of the kua trigrams in the eight direction of the room where each represents a family member and their individual directions.

The Color.

As bedrooms are places of rests, it is not wise to make rooms, decorations, sheets etc. to be brightly colored. Muted colors are preferred. Some aspects of these though could be changed depending on the personality of the occupant and which side of the character needs to be augmented. The general rule though is not to make the room appear neither too yin nor too yang.

For decorations, Symbols of love placed in the direction of the South and the West is believed to enhance relationships and love.

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