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Basically, Feng shui decorating is conducted following guidelines that in effect will draw the potential of the eight compass points. Unlike the conventional method of decorating where aesthetics and the beautifying of spaces and creating a work of art that caters to the sense of sight, Feng shui decorating caters to the sense of feel.

To understand this better one has to have a good grasp on the influences that could be derived from the eight compass points so as to place objects there that are best representation of its potency.

Feng shui decorating encompasses a wealth of knowledge, derivatives and variables that to list them all here would far exceed the scope of this article. Suffice it to say that the following will focus on the generalities of the objects and accessories that are to be placed in every area of the house in order to get the most influence out of its every corner.

There are eight compass points and each push an influence that is unique to each other.
The points are The North, northeast, East, southeast, South, southwest, West and northwest.

The portion of the house that faces north is the place where music room, symbols of your aspirations and career and everything that speaks of personal and growth and development are best represented and placed. Use objects that carry its symbols but avoid those that are made earthy materials. Use instead materials that symbolize flow. Better yet place objects that represent water.

To the northeast will be objects that symbolize spirituality. Libraries are also best suited for this spot as well as stacks of books and objects that represent wisdom and knowledge. You can place objects here that are earth based.

Symbols for renewal, rebirth, health and healing best displayed in the eastern portion of the house. This is also the best spot for furniture that encourages family gathering and reunions and pep talks. Symbols and materials made of wood will sit very nicely here. Limit if not outright avoid the use of metallic objects and those made from metals.

The southeast is where the energy that ushers in prosperity and wealth is the strongest of all compass points. Money tress, plants with cylindrical leaves, fishes, and rounded objects will fit this area very well. Display here objects that symbolizes material possessions. This is also the best spot to place communication equipments and is a good place to conduct talks.

The southern corner of your house is where your dream could come true, a dream spot. The opportunities that you seek and hope for will have better chances at coming true if this corner is utilized by placing objects and accessories that represent those dreams, hopes and ambitions. Use objects representing fire and colors that are loud and fiery. Avoid anything that will connote water, as it will just act as a countermeasure for this area.

Enhance your love life in the southwestern portion of the house. Place objects and decorations that speak of romance and relationships. Conduct your dialogue with your partner in this area, have a romantic dinner this spot encourages pleasantries although you must avoid placing here wood based materials and use the color green to decorate.

This is the fun side, the happy side, the west side is. The western portion encourages creativity, games and laughter. This is a place for kids and innocence and brings out the child in us. Use symbols here that are fun. This is the place to nest entertain the guests.

The northwest is the more serious side. Conduct business affairs in this area and have symbols that represent it.

Finally, in everything that you may try to do, keep it simple, have clean lines while avoiding straight paths, keep it clean and clutter free.

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