Feng Shui Colors and What Do They Represent

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In Feng shui, there are different zones that could be tapped to enhance a particular energy flow. The energies come from the eight compass direction.

Taking the bagua as a point of reference it should come in the following order:

  • The topmost portion of the bagua is divided into three zones namely (from left to right), the zone of wealth, reputation and partnership.
  • The middle quadrants are family, taichi and creativity.
  • The bottom quadrants represent zones for wisdom, career and helpful people.

Feng shui colors helps so much in advancing the good that you could get out of these directions because colors represent moods and temperaments. If anyone wants to maximize these positions, it would then follow that appropriate colors are adopted. One exception though is that to remember always that the whole point of Feng shui is the comfort and well being of people as they live in harmony with their surroundings. It would then only be practical not to adopt a color that one is not comfortable with. This is more so if the color serves to aggravate the people to whom these zones are intentioned.

The zone of wealth is a place that speaks of power. Improve the energy generated here by having purples and violets. You can also highlight this area with gold and red. Purples signify royalty and pageant. Gold and red signifies wealth and power. Avoid overdoing though, as this is the place of the wind. Too much of it could also generate confusion and conflicts.

The reputation and fame zones should also have the red color. Above anything else, the color red stands for power, virtue and truth. This is a place of fire so you could place symbols here that represent it. This is also the best corner to your fireplace and candle decorations.

The partnership zone is a place in the house that is most conducive to romance and marriage, partnerships and growth. Lavish the room with pink.

The family zone and health area, this may yet be another of your favorite rooms. This is a place for family activities, a place to go back to your roots, rejuvenation and reminiscing. Green adds best to the energy of the room. Green is the color for healing, rebirth and springtime. It represents vegetation and hope. Put in greens but then, images and pictures where thunderclouds with lightning also helps.

The Taichi zone, your health zone. Your health energies get its best direction here. This zone enhances your spiritual, intellectual and physical sense of wellness. It is best to treat this zone as your exercise area. The color yellow should find its spot in this zone because yellow represents authority. The taichi zone is best placed in the center of the home. The bagua has its taichi zone at its center and it should always be kept clear and clean do likewise with your taichi zone.

The creativity zone is best adapted to whites. This is the zone of childhood or of bringing out the child in us. White represents purity both moral and spiritual.

The wisdom zone. Suited here are inspirational materials, pictures of a blue mountain and colors should be blue. The color blue is for calm, blessings and invites contemplation and has meditative effects on people.

The career zone should have a good sprinkling of black. Do not be bothered when black is considered a lucky color because black stands for depth, justice and seriousness. Whatever negative connotation it has can be balanced with other colors to absorb whatever is negative in the chi. Combine also with fans and crystals.

The friendship zone is also your helpful people zone. Celestial objects and images enhance this room so are pictures and curving of outstretched hands. The colors that best sit on this corner are grays and silvers because it is the color of connection.

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