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Generally, bedroom colors should be muted. The colors in the bedroom should be chosen to make it truly a restful place. Bright colors have the tendency to make the bedroom appear less relaxing than it should be. However, the practice of Feng shui will always have people in mind. It is this basic principle that makes it very attractive to its adherents. This principle could be extended even to the selection of bedroom colors.

Conventional bedrooms, design and application will take into heavy account those that cater to modern approaches, motifs and trends. Not so with Feng shui designs, what is basically considered here is the occupant. So before choosing a paint to color the walls of the bedroom, Feng shui bedroom coloring will tend to consider the temperament of the occupant.

For some, bedrooms are mostly places to rest and sleep. If this were the case soft color that is conducive to rest like blues, soft greens and pastel colors could be chosen. Others though work better in the bedroom than any other place in the house. For this other colors apply. For some, like the younger members of the household, a more cheery and vibrant color will be better suited. Whatever the choice maybe, it should always be considered that the choice of bedroom colors will still be conducive to rest as some colors for some people makes them restless, depriving them of sleep which a bedroom is primarily designed for. Feng shui bedroom colors should do the job of providing the activity that one desires in the bedroom while not compromising them the relaxation that is needed.

There are also colors that tend to spark creativity. If the chosen colors for the walls are neutral colors and those that tend to invite rest but the occupant wants it also to be a workplace, sometimes the colors chosen for the bedspreads are those that will spark creativity. According to Feng shui, the colors yellow and orange while vibrant colors, also encourages activity and better focus. Beneath that should be a bed sheet that has a softer hue to encourage rest when the activities are done. When the activity in the bedroom is done not in the bed, the corners where one chooses to work most should adopt more vibrant colors.

Colors make statements. It could signify love, peace, tranquility, boldness, creativity etc. Due to this, colors have to be adapted to the mood of the bedroom that the occupant wants to evoke. Feng shui also uses colors to decrease, augment or redirect the chi of the person. Some would want to increase a person’s yang by adopting a different set of colors while others want improvements on their yin. The rule of the thumb when these principles are being applied is to create a balance in the person making him neither too yin nor too yang.

Decorative touches and accessories are also placed with the end view of creating harmony in a person.

There are also eight different life directions in the individual. To enhance this and benefit the occupant in the bedroom, different colors that could be represented by an artwork could be placed in all the compass direction. This however involves a deeper study and colors could be specific to the life goals that the person occupying the bedroom desires.

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